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Downtown apartments on fire with smoke coming out multiple windows

Is the Landlord Responsible for Fire Damages?

In many cases, it is the landlord’s responsibility to ensure there are adequate safety measures to prevent a fire hazard. However, there isn’t a guarantee that fire accidents can be prevented. If a fire accident resulted from your landlord’s negligence, your landlord would be held liable for injuries or property damages.


It becomes complicated when the fire results from a tenant’s negligence. For example, if your neighbor caused a fire that resulted in property damages or injuries, you can’t hold your landlord liable. Also, if you were the cause of a fire that led to losses and injuries, your landlord might hold you accountable for property damages.


When Is Your Landlord Responsible?

If your home or apartment caught fire because of faulty wiring, defective water heater, or anything under the landlord’s control, they must be held accountable. Also, lack of smoke detectors, fire exists, or blocked fire exits could cause small fires to become uncontrollable. Any maintenance failures could also cause or sustain a fire that could be life-threatening.


You will need evidence to show that the landlord’s negligence caused the fire. If you can prove they were aware of these potential threats, the court will hold them accountable for your injuries and property damages.


What if There Isn’t Any Proof of Negligence?

The absence of proof of negligence could mean the landlord may not be liable for damages or injuries. In this case, you might need to look to your insurance for compensation. You can’t do this alone. You will need a legal representative to ensure success when making claims.


New York Fire Claims has a qualified team that could assist you with the fire damage claim process. These will assess all damages and anticipate loopholes if your insurance attempts to avoid your claim.


You can find an experienced New York public insurance adjuster from our team to help you get your claims. The best part is you won’t be dealing with your insurance company. Our professionals will make follow-ups on your behalf until you get every amount from your insurance claim.


What if You Aren’t Renting?

If you own the property, you will not be looking to hold a landlord accountable for your losses or injuries. You will depend on your homeowner insurance company to compensate you after such incidents.


Many people report facing difficulties when dealing with insurance companies. It is best to hire a public adjuster, and in this case, a New York public insurance adjuster is your best option. They understand the insurance laws and will advise you on the best approach to take when making a claim. Also, they can negotiate with the insurance company to ensure you get the required claim to compensate for your losses or injuries.


To ensure a successful insurance claim, New York Fire Claims advises homeowners to do the following:


  • Create a list of damaged or lost items.
  • Document repair estimates.
  • Ensure your property is well secured to avoid negligence claims.
  • Pay insurance premiums.
  • Be represented by a public adjuster.


If you want a team that works to the best of your interest in the case of fire damage claims, contact New York Fire Claims today.