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Are There Different Procedures to Filing a Fire Claim?

There is only one procedure to file a fire claim, and in many cities in the USA, companies are trying to save money on fire insurance claims by making the process slightly difficult. You have to be extremely thorough and leave no stone unturned when filing for fire claims. New York has also been reported to have insurance companies that make it tough for people to file a fire claim properly. 

How To File A Fire Claim 

To properly file a fire claim, you need to take care of the following: 

  • Make A List Of Damaged Objects: Figure out everything that has been damaged during the fire and note it down. Keeping a record of everything you have lost will make a strong case in the insurance company for your claim. 
  • Avoid Throwing Away Damaged Things: No matter how badly an object is damaged, keep it as evidence for the insurance company. If they themselves are able to view the items at the property while matching those on the list, it helps your case become stronger.  
  • Inform The Insurance Provider: One of the first things you must do after experiencing fire damage is to contact the insurance provider.  
  • File A Claim Request: The claim request should contain all details, including the date of the fire, the type of damage, injuries the residents suffered, how many people were present at the time, the location of the fire, and any police documents if they apply.  
  • Leave Everything As is: A surveyor will visit the fire site to estimate the losses and make way for your fire claim. So everything must be in the state that the fire left it in.  
  • Collect Documents: You need many important documents to make the fire claim. These include a copy of the insurance policy, a filled fire claim form, evidence of the incident on the news, and photographs of the fire site. Your insurance company will inform you if any other documents are required.  

Most insurance companies in New York might rush to close your case with a reimbursement that you might not be happy with. In this case, you might want to hire a fire claims adjuster.   

Who Is A Fire Claims Adjuster? 

A Fire Claims Adjuster will advocate for you to the insurance company to ensure that you get proper reimbursement for the fire. The insurance company will try to pay you the minimum possible amount that the damages are worth, with the help of their claims adjusters. Hiring your own fire claims adjuster will eliminate that protective factor, and your adjuster will fight for the reimbursement you rightly deserve.  

Why Should You Hire A Public Adjuster? 

Many people hesitate to hire public adjusters, mainly because of the additional cost incurred. However, if they can help make your case strong, paying them through the reimbursement you receive should not be difficult. Here are a few ways in which a fire claims adjuster will help you: 

  • They will prepare a thorough list of everything you have lost, its impact, and the estimate of the reimbursement you should get.  
  • They will help you receive the maximum possible reimbursement that you are entitled to. 
  • They will help with the documentation. The process of documentation can be difficult, especially after tragedies like fires. Having a person help with that can be very useful. 
  • The fire adjuster will also negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf.  
  • If the insurance company denies your fire claim, the adjuster can help revert the decision and get you compensation.  

The positive thing about a fire claims adjuster is that they work exclusively for you, and their reimbursement depends on the case they make. This goes to ensure that they will do their best to get you what you are entitled to. It also becomes difficult for you to navigate through the claims procedures on your own, and fire claims adjusters with their extensive experience manage them easily. They also do not have the emotional toll which weighs on those affected by the fire, so they can keep their mind clear when doing their job.  

Bottom Line 

Fire claims can be tricky to file, and the insurance company can be a mammoth to face on your own. Much documentation needs to be done, which is difficult for people who have recently experienced a fire. Therefore, a claims adjuster is exactly what one might need in such a situation. To know more contact NY Fire Claims. Call (844) 567-FIRE for a free quote.